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To elevate disempowered women and girls from negative situations

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Women in our empowerment project make reusable sanitary pads and sell them for income

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Ferial haffajee

 is a fierce female who has helped shape South Africa into the democratic country it is today.

She has been an advocate for free and fair speech throughout her career, perhaps the most pivotal moment being when she interviewed Nelson Mandela on his release in 1990. It’s women like Ferial Haffajee who remind us we can do anything. Which South African woman has inspired you?

Ferial Haffajee

Advocate for free and fair speech

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Donate to support and empower underprivileged women

Susters 4 Life started when four sisters got together with the intention to accomplish great things. They started community projects in Worcester and Lainsburg with the aim of mentoring and supporting underprivileged women. Now an established NGO, Susters 4 Life has helped countless women rise above their circumstances and improve their lives.

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Dignity Drive Reusable Sanitary Pads

A woman has her period every 21 - 35 days. For lower income families this can be a significant financial burden each month. Our reusable pads provide the ideal solution to this problem as each pad can be used for years to come. This not only eliminates the financial cost for families, but is also kinder to the environment.

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Help our organisation through our locally-made soap initiatives

When you empower someone, you acknowledge what they can give, not what they can receive. We aim to empower women within our organisation through our reusable pad and locally-made soap initiatives. Our pads and soap are all made by women in our trauma counselling programme, who were previously unemployed. The valuable sewing and soap-making skills they have acquired enable them to generate their own income and to play a role in the upliftment of rural communities. To learn more about what we do,

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Our Events

Apart from the prestigious  conferences we attend, we also host our events dedicated to underprivileged women.

Menstruation Hygiene Day

May 15, 2019 - Cape Town, South Africa

Event coming soon

May 22, 2019 - Cape Town, South Africa Read More

Another Event coming soon….

June 10, 2019 - Cape Town, South Africa Read More
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